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  • NEW F550 TFO TRUCK !!


  • NEW F550 TFO TRUCK !!


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Today, we can say mission accomplished!

RailXtra is a company that was founded in 2007 by Normand Roy following the purchase of a 3500 Chevrolet with equipment Rafna. In the same year, RailXtra acquired six additional trucks to meet the demand of our customers. The name soon became synonymous of reliability through regular changes its vehicles to maintain a fleet of reliable trucks .

The year 2008 was very important to us. To be able to deliver our trucks quickly, we have created a center of plant and equipment Hy-Rail repair. Gradually the company has created a place in the field of truck rental specialist by a professional and continuous monitoring of its rental approach.

The following year was decisive in expanding RailXtra. We have introduced a system of maintenance of our trucks outside Quebec to meet the demand that we in Ontario.

In 2010, Normand Roy began his approach to providing quality service in the government project "Plan Nord" by creating strong partnerships with local companies with the same vision RailXtra.

It is in 2011 that our expansion in Canada gained momentum with our first contract in British Columbia. With the system established in 2009, we have met the challenge successfully.

Today RailXtra has more than 35 vehicles, a professional, a flawless installation and maintenance and a winning system. Thus, RailXtra has built a solid reputation and is ready to meet your challenges !



With more than 35 hi-rail vehicles for rent, Rail Xtra has one of the largest fleets in Canada!

We offer our services in all provinces and major cities like :
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Short Term Rental

We are one of the only companies in the country that offers such a service and we are doing everything in place to make sure everything goes off without worries.

Our short-term rentals vary between 1 and several days.

Contact us for more information and our rates.

Long Term Rental

Whatever your project, there is a good chance that we can help you bring it to fruition.

We offer a rental service in the long term. Indeed our fleet vehicle is available for your long and medium term.

We understand your needs and have expertise out-of-common in this area.

Contact us at 1-844-300-0300



Our trucks are mainly Chevrolet or GMC 3500 "Crew Cab". Each of our trucks receives a thorough inspection before any lease whether short or long term as well as a pre-inspection every six months and an annual inspection. To maximize the effectiveness of our trucks are equipped with :

  • Rafna 290
  • Automatic transmission 4x4
  • Differential crossed
  • Door lock and Cruise Control features
  • Stroboscope
  • Front and rear working lights
  • Steps foot galvanized
  • Rack safety for the rear window
  • Hy-Rail System Hydraulics
  • Backup alarm
  • Zone-Tech electrical system
  • Choice of color for long term rentals
  • Any custom request from the customer

Safety First


Rafna is a company that has distinguished itself for 20 years by the reliability of their equipment is increasing due to their continuous development. Through the years, they have found the most durable materials, which makes very good products.


Over 35 vehicles to serve you!

A great team to serve you better!


A qualified team!

Our company has always believed that skilled labor is the basis of the success we've had over the years. The team has a unique chemistry and sue it to offer its customers this from the beginning, a team:

  • Qualified and friendly drivers
  • Effective and caring receptionists
  • Managers listening and understanding

Many of our staff have attended courses and seminars to prepare them better understand the work environment in which they operate. For example, Mr Sébastien Normand Roy and have successfully completed 65 hours of training for business management. Mr. Gilbert Ouellet also fully trained for safety during transport machinery and operations during delivery. Many of our drivers have also managed a forklift operator training. Almost all our drivers took the course on the new rules on driving hours. This course were followed to school road of Drummondville. In addition, this school was mandated to come and offer training to our tugs. This course is designed to train our drivers on checks to be made before the start of their vehicle. Finally, we entered into an agreement with a mutual CSST and a prevention specialist in the coming weeks will offer a one-day workshop to all employees for the prevention of accidents at work.

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Rail Xtra is a leader in the field of rental Hi-Rail.
We were the first to offer this service in Quebec and we continue to provide exceptional service year after year.

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 20h
Thursday - Friday: 8h to 20h
Saturday - Sunday: 9h to 16h


3225, Boulevard Losch
Saint-Hubert, QC, J3Y 3V6



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